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Lance-Corporal Richard Boycott Hinckesman (Faculty)

Died: October 20, 1915

Lance-Corporal Richard Boycott Hinckesman was born in England 29 years ago, and was educated at Bridgenorth Grammar School and Ashby School in England. At the age of 14 he went to South Africa with his father, who was killed in the Matabele War.

After taking his M.A. at Oxford University, where he had been an undergraduate of Christ Church, Mr. Hinckesman was for five years a master at Northampton Grammar School. He came to Toronto in 1913 to join the staff of the Upper Canada College Preparatory School.

He will be remembered by his friends as a thorough sportsman and an excellent all-round athlete ; cricket, tennis, billiards and Association football being amongst the games in which he was proficient.

In June, 1914, Mr. Hinckesman went to England to spend his summer holidays, and at once volunteered for active service on the outbreak of the war, joining the regiment to which he had previously been attached. At the time of his death, Oct. 20th, he was serving with the “B” Squadron of King Edward’s Horse in France. As the attached letter will show, he had recently been recommended for a commission.

20/10/15. France.

Dear Mrs. Hinckesman,—I have a very sad duty to perform in telling you of a serious accident which happened to your son, Lance-Corp. R. B. Hinckesman, to-day, which unhappily ended fatally.

While engaged in loading a wagon in a chalk pit there was a large fall of earth which buried him, and when we got him out in a few minutes he was found by the Medical Officer to have been killed instantaneously.

I have always had a great admiration for your son, as he was a good soldier and did his work excellently, and his death has robbed the Army of a good officer, as I had recently recommended him for a commission. He was a great favourite amongst all his comrades, and his loss will be greatly felt by everybody in the squadron.

I can only offer you my sincerest sympathy at the loss you have sustained, which, however, must be tempered by the fact that he died serving his country. No man can do more.

Later on, when I am able to do so, I will tell you where he has been buried, and will see that a stone is put up to mark the place.

Believe me, yours very sincerely,

F. Dick, Major, Commanding “B” Squadron,
King Edward’s Horse,
48th Division, B.E.F.

College Times (Summer 1915) pg. 6-8

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*Thank you to Jane Peeler, Library and Resource Centre Manager, Bridgnorth Endowed School, for providing the photo of Lance-Corporal Richard Boycott Hinckesman.