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Discover the stories and remember the lives of UCC
Old Boys who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the Great War.

Roll of Service

The Upper Canada College Roll of Service, 1914-1919 was published soon after The Great War. It was edited by Prof. A. H. Young who was, at that time, the Hon. Secretary of the Old Boys’ Association. It holds a very high position among the few Canadian publications of a similar nature, because of its intrinsic merit and the magnitude of the Old Boys’ effort it records.

Th[is] War Book contains an account of every Old Boy’s war service. Each contains a photograph. When one realizes that at least 1114 Old Boys went to the war, one has some idea of the book’s size. Actually it is 12″ x 8″ and contains 320 pages. In the first half a section is devoted to the men who gave their lives in the struggle. Their histories are arranged two to a page, and each is accompanied by a photograph.

Some interesting historical material precedes the first pages of the text. Prof. Young has written a preface that traces the connection of the College with those early days of the war and summarizes her whole contribution to the cause: how the Old Boys came from Herschel Island, from South America and the West Indies, from Bermuda, India and Ceylon, from Africa and Australia; how you might find them at Ypres and Festubert, at the Somme and Vimy Ridge, at Passchendaele and Cambrai, at Valenciennes and Mons. All this is told in the preface.

Principal Auden delivered the address on the outbreak of the war that follows, then that fine letter from Mr. W. S. Jackson and the address by Dr. Grant at the First Memorial Service. Then there is a reproduction of the Memorial Tablet which stands on the north wall of the Prayer Hall. Scattered through the book are other reproductions: of the old print showing the College in the Sixties; of the College from 1877 to 1891; of the present buildings; of the Preparatory School; of the UCC motor ambulance; and an historical group of Old Boys who were prisoners of war at Bischofswerda, Saxony. The whole is bound in royal-blue cloth and decorated with the crest of the College in gilt.

College Times Christmas 1926 pg 69

The following is a record of all known Old Boys, faculty and staff who enlisted to serve in the Great War (as originally listed in the College’s official Roll of Service). Community members are listed by date of entry to UCC and have been arranged alphabetically. Further details about those who fell in action can be found in the Featured Fallen Soldiers section or via the site’s Timeline. A list of decorations, honours and distinctions awarded to these Old Boys can be found starting on page 306 in the Roll of Service.

Date of Entry [to UCC]
Old Boy Name
1904Ackerman, Charles Hadyn
1904Acland, Peregrine Palmer
1884Adam, Herbert Stevenson
1904Adams, Herbert Elder
1905Adams, James Fellows
1902Adams, Ralph
1904Adams, Robert Medd
1912Agar, Egan Zinkin Y
1898Alexander, George Mackenzie
1911Allan, Arthur Muldrew
1896Allan, Edward Blake Y
1906Allan, Norman Fraser
1905Allan, Robert Thomas
1871Allen, E. Henry Y
1909Amsden, Lionel Edwin
1909Anderson, James Orton
1896Anderson, Thomas Walter
1886Andros, Ralph Craven
1908Ansley, Edward Marshall
1882Appleton, Arthur Wellesley
1916Armitage, William Robert Ramsay (Staff)
1882Armour, Donald John
1890Armour, Eric Norman
1907Armstrong, Arthur Owen
1915Armstrong, Arthur Thomas Mahon
1909Armstrong, Frederick Carr Y
1908Armstrong, George Hugh
1906Armstrong, Robert King
1899Arnoldi, Errol Louis Fauquier
1906Arnoldi, Frank Fauquier
1905Arnoldi, Percy Clarence Fauquier
1905Auden, Kenneth Francis
1909Aykroyd, George Cecil
1892Aylesworth, Alan Featherstone Y
1884Badgerow, George Washington
1912Bailey, Charles Leonard
1896Baillie, John Bartlett
1898Baillie, Kenneth
1895Baillie, Oliver Elliot
1902Baird, Alexander Watson Y
1885Baker, Hugh Cossart (Jr.)
1904Baker, James Marshall
1902Ball, Harold DeWitt
1903Band, Percy Carruthers
1901Barber, Herbert Campbell
1898Barwick, Hugh Atkinson
1904Bath, Edward OslerY
1897Bayly, George William
1895Beardmore, Alfred Owen Torrance
1910Beatty, Geoffrey Byrne
1910Beatty, George Herbert
1898Beatty, Percy Wood
1902Beaty, James Stanley
1908Beck, Horace Wilfred
1895Beck, Walter John
1902Bell, Andrew LeslieY
1902Bell, James Stark
1907Bell, Norman Brooke
1889Bell-Smith, Frederick Marlett
1905Benjamin, John Alfred Y
1864Benson, Frederick WilliamY
1874Benson, Thomas
1902Berkinshaw, Richard Coulton
1910Berry, George HerbertY
1903Bethune, Henry Ewart Y
1904Bethune, John Alexander
1903Bethune, Robert Thomas
1905Bethune, Walter Donald
1898Betts, Hyla Hume
1918Bibet, Louis Auguste (Staff)
1900Biggar, Arthur Lyons
1901Biggar, Arthur Lyons
1894Biggar, Frederick Charles
1872Biggar, James Lyons
1888Biggar, James Lyons
1888Biggar, John Leslie Bryant
1913Biggar, Louis Hodgins
1909Biggar, Winchester Henry
1901Bilton, Norman Creighton Y
1904Bird, Henry Irvine
1895Birmingham, Herbert Frederick Y
1898Black, John Douglas
1904Blackstock, George Gooderham
1891Blackstock, William Gooderham
1904Blain, David
1903Blake, Hollis Hume
1896Blanchard, John Balsillie Y
1898Blanchford, Howard Edward
1907Bolt?, Auguste Armour
1907Bolt?, Felix OlivierY
1900Bond, John Henry Martin
1891Boone, Charles Armel
1904Boswell, William Hamilton
1908Boulton, John West
1896Boulton, Russell Heath Y
1900Bowes, Arthur Beverley
1904Bowes, Harold Strathmore
1896Boyd, Arthur Macallum
1906Boyd, Dalton Goring
1896Boyd, Edmund
1900Boyd, Gardiner Mossom
1909Boyd, George Wyburn Goring
1900Boyd, Laurence Chadwick
1904Boyd, Philip Bentinck Y
1887Boyd, Philip Ewing
1912Boyd, William Roberts
1898Bradburn, Frank Lindsay
1910Brett, Robert Benny
1898Britton, Russell Hubert Y
1871Brock, Henry T.
1909Brodie, Hugh Victor
1909Brodie, Kenneth
1905Broughall, Deric Y
1907Broughall, Herbert Seton
1892Brown, Edmund Percival
1879Brown, Ernest Rudolph
1889Brown, George Benson
1908Brown, George Clinton
1878Brown, George McLaren
1902Brown, Herbert William
1908Brown, Howard Marshall
not listedBrown, Lewis H.Y
1904Brown, Stuart Hall
1910Brown, Stuart Hall
1902Brown, William Eberts Y
1913Bruce, Charles TupperY
1913Bruce, Ernest Keith
1898Bruce, JasperY
1898Bruce, Oswald
1911Bryan, George Barrie
1907Bryden, Ronald Kerr
1885Buell, William Senkler
1903Bull, Wilford Edward
1882Bunting, William Henry
1888Burbidge, Henry Arnold
1907Burden, Charles ElbridgeY
1905Burden, Henry John
1907Burnham, Howard Hampden
1885Burnham, James Gilchrist
1903Burnham, Sidney Smith Y
1887Burns, Frank
1907Burns, William James Gordon Y
1911Burrows, Fitzroy Campbell
1911Burrows, John Francis Y
1893Burton, Frank Lindsay
not listedBurton, James LindsayY
1913Burwash, Edward Moore Jackson (Staff)
1896Burwash, Nathaniel Alfred
1899Cairns, William McIlroy Garroway
1887Caldwell, Alexander Clyde
1903Caldwell, William Boyd
1902Cameron, Douglas Lorne
1865Cameron, Irving Heward
1905Cameron, Leslie Fergus
1909Campbell, Archibald Carfrae
1895Campbell, Colin St. George McIvor Y
1913Campbell, Kenneth Donald
1906Campbell, Lorne Gordon
1905Capreol, Reginald Howitt Y
1904Carmichael, Hugh MelvilleY
1908Carr, Charles Clifton Y
1905Carruthers, Colin Gordon
1888Carscallen, Harry Gurney
1899Cartwright , Walther Roland
1905Cartwright, John Robert
1898Case, Allen
1904Casey, Francis Biggar
1899Casey, William Archer Y
1912Casselman, Frederick Clayton (Staff)
1907Castle, Frederick George
1895Caulfield, Alfred Hans Waring
1909Cavers, James Pomeroy Y
1891Cawthra, John Joseph
1881Chadwick, William Craven Vaux
1909Chambers, Graham Lee
1911Chambers, Robert Gordon
1907Cheyne, Wilfrid Turner
1906Chipman, John Walter Finlayson
1915Clark, Ellis Wickham
1905Clarke, Arthur Ramsay Stanley
1895Clarke, Frederick Fieldhouse
1906Clarke, John Alfred Gibson
1909Clarke, Paul Brooks Y
1900Clarkson, Edward Guy
1906Clarkson, Maurice Arundel Y
1910Clubb, Francis Reginald
1910Clubb, John Arthur Bennet
1904Coatsworth, Alan
1902Coatsworth, Richard Collier
1906Cochran, Hugh Eric Esme
1897Cochrane, David John
1899Cochrane, Wilbur Carlisle
1874Cockburn, Malcolm John
1896Cockburn, Ross Collier
1911Cockshutt, Eric Morton
1910Cockshutt, George Turner
1900Cockshutt, Harvey Watt Y
1901Cole, Charles Hearle
1913Coleman, Willson Rohl
1906Colley, James Noel Bellasyse (Staff)
1903Colley, Thomas Bellasyse (Staff)
1911Connolly, Harold James
1896Constantine, Charles Francis
1906Conybeare, Henry Bruce Attwood
1907Cook, George Stuart Haigh
1907Cook, John Verner
1909Cooper, Gordon McNeill
1908Corbold, Henry Maurice Y
1899Cory, Robert Young
1907Cosbie, Waring Gerald
1887Cosby, Frederick Lorne
1887Cosby, Norman Weber
1902Coste, Eugene Frank
1899Cotterill, Jocelyn Ross
1895Counsell, Ronald Rainey
1913Cowan, Edgar Hayden
1908Cowan, Robert Cecil
1903Cox, John Raffles
1906Crawford, Andrew Frederick
1908Crawford, Richard Giplin Y
1892Creelman, John Jennings
1908Crerar, Alastair John
1899Crerar, Henry Duncan Graham
1909Crerar, Malcolm Charlton Y
1905Creswicke, Tom Spry
1885Crocker, Henry Graham
1913Croden, James Eric
1903Crompton, Frederick Charles Blackburn
1908Crompton, John Boucher
1902Cronyn, James Kerr
1905Crowther, Austin Torrace
1907Crowther, Stanley LorneY
1902Crowther, William Beverley Y
1869Cruikshank, Ernest Alexander
1908Cumpston, Basil Lancelot Y
1905Curruthers, Douglas
1911Curry, Robert Arthur
1903Curry, Walter Eyre Y
1906Cuthbert, Cuthbert Ross
1913Danson, David Leon
1897Darling, Henry Maurice
1898Darling, Robert Clifford Y
1912Davern, William Albert
1911Davern, William Albert
1898Davidson, Alexander Topp
1905Davidson, Ernest Irving
1903Davidson, Robert Hay
1911Davies, Digby (Staff)
1905Davis, Irwin Y
1900Davis, Victor Ghent
1912Davison, Charles William Y
1908Davison, John Vance
1905Dawson, Herbert MacMillan
1907Dawson, John Forsythe
1907Day, George Sutherland
1909Dean, Arthur Cyril
1903Dean, Reginald Hyland
1908Dean, William Ashton
1907DeGruchy, Philip Harold
1895Delamere, Thomas Gilmor
1913Delph, Leonard William (Staff)
1891Denison, Edgar Street Y
1898Denison, Egerton Boyer
1885Denison, Frederick Conyngham
1887Denison, Garnet Wolseley
1895Denison, Gordon Cyril
1887Denison, Harold Edmund
1862Denison, John
1870Denison, Septimus Julius Augustus
1892Denison, Walther Wallbridge
1880Denison. George Taylor (Jr.)Y
1907Dennehy, Charles
1914Dennehy, Henry Moffat
1912Denovan, Allan McNab Y
1901Dick, David Campbell
1914Dick, George Macdonald Y
1906Dickinson, John Bennett
1901Dignam, William Stanley Trevelyan
1889Dixon, Henry Eugene
1861Dixon, Hilliard Cameron
1896Dobie, Frederick Russell Egerton Y
1888Dobie, Joseph Beecher
1909Dobson, Wilfred James (Assistant Master)Y
1900Dobson, William (Staff)
1896Donaldson, Charles Andrew
1912Donaldson, John Milton
1897Donovan, Fred L.
1904Douglas, John Harvey
1909Drew, George Alexander Gibbs
1912Drew-Brook, George Victor
1909Drummond, Harold
1906Drummond, Lindsay Y
1907Drynan, John Valentine
1903Duffus, William Clare
1909Duncan, Walter Cameron Cuikshank
1907Dunstan, Guy Peirce Y
1893Durie, William Arthur Peel Y
1906Eastmure, Arthur Wyburn
1888Eaton, William Fletcher
1905Eberts, Melchior McEwenY
1889Edgar, David Keithlock
1879Edgar, Oscar Pelham
1912Edwards, Frank Webber
1908Edwards, Gerald Charles
1899Elliot, Dawson Whitla
1907Ellis, Albert Henry James
1895Ellis, Arthur William Mickle
1910Ellis, Douglas Quirk Y
1900Ellis, Harold Hodgson
1904Ellis, Matthew Langdon
1912Ellison, W. (Staff)
1910Essex, Harry Hampton
1909Esten, Maurice Hutchinson
1909Estlin, Alfred John Price
1872Evans, Arthur Thomas Kelly
1909Evans, George
1887Farmer, Thomas Wylie
1910Farncombe, Eric Maulson
1904Fellowes, George Charles
1905Fergie, Thomas Francis
1908Ferguson, Arthur Beresford
1909Ferguson, Julian Harcourt
1913Fetterly, Harold Cameron
1899Fielding, Henry Charles
1903Finnie, Roy Chester
1899FitzRandolp, Guy Allan
1906FitzRandolph, Archibald Menzies
1899Fleming, Harloe Macklem
1884Fleming, Hugh Percy
1902Flett, Walter Ernest
1899Forwood, Thomas Watt
1887Fotheringham, John Taylor (Staff)
1913Francis, Edward Walter
1909Frankel, Roy Hecker
1898Fraser, Donald Thomas
1896Fraser, Henry Wernham
1900Fraser, Maxwell John
1913Frederick Rea Hearne
1909Fripp, Herbert Downing
1888Frith, Gilbert Robertson
1906Fuller, Charles Harvey Rogers
1902Gaherty, Geoffrey Abbott
1901Galliher, Frank Townsend Y
1903Galt, John Y
1901Garmany, George Mackenzie
1904Garmany, Jasper Bissett Champion
1902Garrow, Alan Balfour
1904Garrow, John Ure Y
1908Gartshore, Alexander Sydney
1907Gartshore, William George
1909Garvery, Geoffrey Griffin
1909Gash, Arthur Blain
1901Gates, William George
1886Geary, George Reginald
1903George Elliot Denbeigh
1902George, Ruggles
1909Gibbs, Egerton Fairbanks
1898Gibbs, Gilbert Scott
1903Gibson, Alexander Horace Cecil
1906Gibson, Franklin Reginald Y
1908Gibson, John Aubrey
1903Gibson, Ralph Burgess
1897Gill, Allan Gilmour
1908Gillespie, Alexander Hamilton
1875Gillespie, John Cowan
1899Gillies, Allan Ross
1900Glassco, Gordon Bond
1902Glassco, Lawrence Hartley
1902Goad, James Lawrence
1898Goldie, Edward Cosby
1910Gooderham, Alexander Leslie
1906Gooderham, Henry Stephen
1901Gooderham, Lyman Edward
1900Goodeve, Henry Tatham
1886Gordon, Charles William (Staff)
1888Gordon, Harry Duncan Lockhart
1905Gouinlock, George Rober
1902Gouinlock, Robert Watson
1892Gowans, John Walton
1907Graburn, Christopher William
1905Grant, Herv? Murray Y
1906Grant, Oswald Wetherald Y
1898Grant, William Lawson (Staff)
1901Grasett, Arthur Edward
1902Grasett, Elliot Thornton
1902Grasett, Sydney Hugh Bridgeman
1906Grasett, Sydney Hugh Bridgeman
1899Graves, Thomas M. Y
1900Gray, Gerald Hamilton
1901Gray, Gerald Hamilton
1906Greene, Elliot Anson
1906Greene, Henry Vincent Graves
1903Greene, John Sobieski Gzowski
1902Greene, Richard Leslie
1908Greenwood, Harold Day
1907Greey, Douglas Caparn
1906Gregory, Goldwin
1906Grief, Ashley W.
1905Grier, Crawford Geale Munro
1908Grier, Edmund Geoffrey
1910Grimshaw, Harold Leslie
1901Grindlay, William Harold
1907Gunn, Murray Grant Y
1906Gunsaulus, Edwin Norton
1904Gunsaulus, Paul Mitchell
1904Guthrie, Donald
1898Gwyn, Aylmer Howard
1904Gwynne, John Norman
1899Gzowski, Harold Northey
1888Hagarty, Dudley George
1897Hague, Robert Dyson
1875Haight, Canniff Ernest
1874Haight, Walter Lockwood
1908Hale, Frederick Amherst
1907Hale, Jeffrey John
1913Hale, Jeffrey John
1891Hallam, Theodore Douglas
1897Ham, Cyril Ernest
1898Ham, Percy Dillon
1893Hamilton, Alexander Sharpe
1914Hamilton, Charles Donald
1893Hamilton, George
1897Hamilton, George Coulthard
1897Hamilton, Henry Sidney
1909Hamilton, Robert Hector Y
not listedHamilton, WY
1903Hammodn, Herbert Renwick
1900Hannah, Beverley
1910Hardaker, Leonard Broomfield
1900Hare, Harold Robert
1907Hargraft, Alan Arthur
1907Hargraft, Gordon Grant
1907Hargraft, Lawrence Gooderham
1897Hargraft, William MacNachtan
1902Harkom, John Frederick
1896Harman, Samuel Morris
1903Harmen, Huson Murney
1901Harris, Guy Mewburn
1898Harrison, Frederick Charles
1902Hartman, Robert Ross Y
1901Hartney, James Cuthbert Y
1883Harvey, James
1910Hatton, George Seton
1899Hawke, Errol M.
1912Hay, John Stratherarn
1912Hay, Robert
1907Hay, William Hendrie
1908Hayes, Barry Bonnycastle
1886Hayne, George Osborne
1888Hayter, Herbert Roche
1888Hayter, Ross John Finnis
1900Haywood, Alfred Kimball
1908Heintzman, George Bradford
1908Heintzman, Howard Crighton
1906Hellmuth, Frederic Gordon
1909Hellmuth, Frederick Gordon
1912Helmcken, John Sebastian
1909Henderson, Frederick William
1905Henderson, Harold Thompson Y
1904Henderson, James Leslie
1903Henderson, Stephen Lowth
1889Henderson, Velyien Ewart
1906Henderson, William Smith
1877Hendrie, William
1906Hendrie, William Ian Strathearn
1911Hennessy, Graham Winters
1889Henry, John Stanley
1908Hersey, Andrew Chadwick
1908Hersey, Erick Mason
1898Hertzberg, Halfdan Fenton Harboe
1913Hess, John Sullivan
1891Hett, Francis Paget
1906Hett, John Roland
1891Hett, Sibbald
1891Hewetson, John Sproat
1885Hewetson, Samuel William Y
1908Higgs, Archibald James Doyle
1912Hill, Hugh Blacker
1880Hillary, Robert Michael
1913Hinckesman, Richard Boycott (Staff)Y
1904Hodder, Leslie George
1871Hodgins, Charles Richard
1908Hogg, Lawrence Walker Y
1888Holcroft, Herbert SpencerY
1881Homer-Dixon, Thomas Fraser
1902Horsey, Clifton Mountbank Y
1908Howard, Ernest Ford
1908Howard, Francis Carl Y
1911Howard, Gordon Byron
1907Howard, Vaughan Maclean
1903Howe, Gordon Percival
1909Hudson, Walter Drew
1904Hughes, Bernard Hope
1910Hull, Sidney Francis
1910Hunter, Cyril J. (Staff)
1890Hunter, Frederick Fraser
1912Hunter, Robert Meredith
1905Hunter, Saxon Howard
1912Hutson, William Cecil Y
1899Hyland, Gordon
1900Idington, Walter
1901Inglis, Henry Alexander
1901Inglis, William George
1906Ireson, Charles Norman Armstrong
1901Irving, Jacob Aemilius Homfray
1883Irving, Lewis Erskine Wentworth
1906Irwin, Charles Warren
1893Isbester, Colin James Fraser
1904Jackes, Albert Eric
1902Jackes, Hervey Lee
1892Jackson, William Giffard
1913James, Frank
1911Jarvis, Eric Macdonell Y
1902Jarvis, Thomas Robinson
1912Jeanneret , Francois Charles Archile (Staff)
1904Jemmett, George Couts
1871Jenkins, James
1913Jenkins, James Thomas (Staff)
1913Johnson, Frank LawrenceY
1912Johnson, John Wood
1913Johnston, Bertram Kirkpatrick
1912Johnston, Edward Pardee
1906Johnston, Frederick Graham
1908Jones, Francis Mario Macdonald
1897Jones, Frederick Vernon
1894Jones, Henry Horace Y
1891Jones, Ralph Egerton Norris Y
1898Jones, TraffordY
1904Joy, Douglas Grahame
1904Keefer, Norman Grant
1908Keens, Harry Ewart
1912Keens, Henry Herbert
1907Keens, James Gallie
1909Keens, John Harvey
1896Keith, David Lumsden
1915Kelk, Norman Edward
1913Kelly, Francis O'Donovan
1885Kenrick, Frank Boteler
1898Kerr, Stanley Chandos Staveley
1906Keys, David Arnold
1899Keys, Herbert John Erskine
1905Killmaster, Frederick George (Staff)
1887Kingsford, George Etherege
1905Kingsford, Maurice Rooke
1890Kingsford, William Rupert
1866Kingsmill, Charles Edward
1895Kingsmill, John Gault
1887Kingsmill, Walter Barnard
1898Kingstone, Herbert O'Olier
1897Kirkland, Travers
1902Kirkpatrick, Alexander Douglas Y
1885Kirkpatrick, Arthur James Ernest
1896Kirkpatrick, Eric Reginald Macpherson
1905Kirkpatrick, George Denison
1883Kirkpatrick, Goldwin Smith
1888Kirkpatrick, Guy Hamilton
1888Kirkpatrick, William Macpherson
1909Kittermaster, Dougall Anthony
1905Knight, Arthur Gerald Y
1896Laidlaw, Henry Douglas Y
1895Laidlaw, John Ernest Hill
1884Laidlaw, William Charles
1895Lally, Conrad F.
1905Langford, Arthur Leopold
1901Larkin, Harley Warner
1898Lash, John Francis
1900Law, Augustus Leonard Paget
1892Law, John Crawford Y
1892Law, William Victor
1902Lawrence, Allan Russell
1907Lawrence, Douglas Glenholme
1908Lawson, Walther Brogdin
1912Learn, Gerald AlfredY
1907Leask, Patrick Alexander Ogilvie
1888Lefevre, Alfred George Tully
1902Lefroy, Frazer KeithY
1900Lefroy, Henry Chichele
1901Lefroy, Langlois Dundas
1902LeMesurier, Arthur Baker
1905LeMesurier, Henry Vernon Y
1907Lennox, Oswald Elmer
1899Leonard, Edwin Woodman Y
1899Leonard, Elton Ibbotson
1906Lepper, James Young
1906Lepper, William Eustace
1888Leslie, George Lionel
1897Leslie, Norman Victor
1913Levack, Clare Y
1890Lewis, Charles Austin
1901Lewis, Richard Garwood
1902Lindsey, Charles Bethune
1888Lister, Frederick Alexander
1905Lowe, Arthur Robert Action
1892Lownsbrough, John Turner
1912Lucas, George Kendall
1910Lyall, Richard Lawton Y
1910Lyond?, Louis Laurier
1905Mabee, Lionel Leaton
1887Mabee, Oliver Hugel
1898Macculloch, Ferdinand George
1902Macculloch, William BruceY
1897Macdonald, Alan Holmes
1876Macdonald, Alexander George Fraser
1874Macdonald, Allan Henry Y
1898Macdonald, Archibald Walter Y
1907Macdonald, Donald Ryerson Y
1898Macdonald, Francis Herman Cook
1903Macdonald, George Gordon
1902Macdonald, Harold Hidreth Randolph
1909Macdonald, James Fraser
1903Macdonald, John Milligan
1900Macdonald, Walther Brough
1905Macdonnell, Ian McLean
1902Macdonnell, Norman Scarth
1904Machell, Geoffrey
1904Machell, Herbert Eric
1904Machell, Maurice Irving Y
1908Macintosh, Donald Alexander
1907Mackay, Douglas Havelock
1907Mackay, Norman Douglas
1902Mackenzie, Alexander John (Staff)
1900Mackenzie, Cortlandt Graham Gordon Y
1902Mackenzie, George Lawrence Bissett Y
1905Mackenzie, Henry John Gordon
1905Mackenzie, James Y
1899Mackenzie, Kenneth Bruce
1906Mackenzie, Norman Alexander
1895Mackenzie, Stewart Donald
1898Mackintosh, Alan Constantine
1899Maclaren, Kenneth V.
1906Maclean, Alan Pratt Y
1905Maclean, Andrew Dyas
1904Maclean, Gerald Arthur
1890Maclean, John Carruthers
1900Macleod, Norwood Y
1895Magee, Jasper Kenneth Gordon
1914Mallett, Frederick John (Staff)
1907Manchee, Vincent Taylor
1907Manchee, Winchell Habens Y
1911Mann, Ernest Hellmuth
1910Mann, Gustav Francis Stoval
1905Manning, Trevor Reginald
1902Marling, Thomas William Birchall (Staff)
1894Marshall, Kenric Rudolph
1887Marshall, William Renwick Y
1899Martin, William
1906Martin, William Gerald
1897Martlatt, Kenneth Dean
1898Massey, John Melville
1907Massey, Raymond Hart
1914Matchett, Vernon Osborne
1899Mathewson, Hugh
1898Mathieson, Donald Milner
1902Matthews, Arnold Colton
1906Mavor, Wilfrid
1902McArthur, Alexander Stanley
1904McCaul, John Godfrey
1915McCausland, Harold Lawrence
1911McCausland, Kenneth Leighton
1908McConkey, George Oxley
1908McCrimmon, Alexander Murray
1900McDonald, Harold French
1914McDonald, James Hawkins
1897McDonell, James Arthur Edward
1913McEvoy, Andrew Maxwell
1896McFarland, George Franklin
1914McGiverin, Harold Mackintosh
1904McHenry, Charles Frederick Y
1898McKay, Hugh Emerson Y
1877McKeown, Patrick Walter Hugues
1905McKeown, Walther Woods
1895McLaren, James L. P.
1907McLaughlin, Gordon
1909McLean, Thomas GordonY
1907McLeod, James William
1889McMaster, Edward Blake
1892McMillan, John Primrose
1907McMurrich, James Ronald
1885McMurrich, John Bryce
1884McMurrich, John DewarY
1913McMurtry, Louis Burney Y
1899McPhaden, Archibald Carlyle
1898McPhedran, Frederick Maurice
1913McWhinney, Sydney Mercer Y
1914Menendez, Charles Gambier
1890Meredith, John Redmond Walsingham Y
1903Mewburn, Frank Hastings Hamilton
1910Miller, Barstow Harding
1897Mills, Charles Frederick (Staff)
1913Milne, Cecil Patton
1906Mitchell, Gordon Campbell
1910Mitchell, William Reginald
1896Moffat, Robert B. M. Y
1896Moncrieff, Colin Campbell Glen
1891Moncrieff, George Glen
1897Montague, Ferguson
1897Montague, Price John
1905Montgomery, Raye Livingstone
1911Moore, Russell Hislop
1886Moran, William James
1907Morang, George Heaven Y
1900Morgan, Percy Blake
1899Morris, Thomas Guyon
1896Morrison, Bertram Clifford
1897Morrison, James Gray Stevens
1900Morrison, Leonard Septimus
1899Morrow, Hugh Mervyn
1908Morse, Eric David
1906Morse, Gerald Morton
1913Mosley, Ernest James
1885Moss, Charles Alexander Y
1899Moss, Thomas
1903Mowat, George Greig Y
1902Mowbray, William (Staff)
1907Mulholland, Donald Bedgerow
1908Mulock, William Pate
1903Mulqueen, Frederick James
1892Munro, William Francis Y
1903Muntz, Eric Percival
1881Murray, Arthur Huson
1901Murray, John Allan
1887Musson, George
1893Myles, Frederick Percivial
1897Myles, Robert Gordon
1908Naismith, Andrew McCormick
1876Nanton, Herbert Colborne
1903Nares, Hiliary George
1901Nation, Arthur Frederick
1913Neilson, Robert Allan
1893Nesbitt, Frederick Ernest
1903Neville, Montague Holt
1892Niven, Hugh Wilderspin
1891Noble, Ernest Annesley
1898Nordheimer, Albert Victor Seymour Y
1898Nordheimer, Roy Boulton
1896Norsworthy, Edward Cuthbert Y
1905Northcote, Reginald Stafford
1909Northey, Edwin John
1897O'Brien, Charles Levinge
1892Ogden, Aylmer Lyndhurst
1910O'Gorman, Cornelius Francis
1904O'Grady, Brien de Courcy
1901O'Grady, George Waller deCourcy
1901O'Grady, Gerald Francis deCourcy
1902O'Grady, John Medley deCourcy
1902O'Grady, William Agar deCourcy
1888Oliver Mowat
1912Ord, Branscome Redman
1896Ord, Garnet Lehrle
1897Ord, Lewis Craven
1893O'Reilly, Brefney Rolph
1907O'Reilly, James
1912O'Reilly, William Harty
1905Ormsby, Gerald Yeadon
1904Ormsby, John Anthony Ninian Y
1903Orr, Frederick Serjant
1903Orr, George Meredith
1906Osborne, Donald Springer Y
1903Osborne, Eric
1904Oughton, Burchell Ogilvie
1886Pardee, Henry Masson
1898Parker, Robert Gordon
1903Parry, Wilfred Wright
1880Parsons, Harold Campbell
1903Paterson, Graeme Melville
1884Paterson, William Walter
1896Paton, George Macdonald
1903Patterson, Robert Douglas Y
1905Patterson, Robert Edward
1909Patteson, John Coleridge
1898Pattinson, John Lynn Y
1899Patton, Kenneth Lawrence
1888Pearson, Henry Clinton
1903Peck, Hugh Adderly
1899Pellatt, Reginald
1898Penny, Edward Goff T. Y
1899Pentecost, Reginald Sterling
1906Pepler, Don Francis
1905Pepler, Eric
1910Pepler, Hewitt William Eyers
1900Pepler, Roger Crooks Y
1906Pepler, Sath Bernard
1906Perdue, Mowbray Macdonell Y
1906Peter, Alan Gordon
1904Peters, Frank Roy
1905Peters, Hugh
1912Peterson, John Alexander Stewart
1907Phillips, Allan McMillan
1906Phillips, William Eric
1902Phippen, John Hubert
1908Pipon, Philip Rutherford
1906Plummer, John Orme
1904Polson, Hugh Lyon
1902Polson, Norman Smith
1912Ponsford, Harley Edward
1898Ponton, James Douglas
1906Ponton, Richard Douglas
1910Potter, Cyril (Staff)
1909Potter, Richard Helson
1908Poynton, Allan Sutcliffe
1904Price, Evan EdwardY
1909Prime, Lawrence Williamson
1904Primrose, Howard Y
1899Prittie, Wilmot Samuel Downey
1898Proctor, James Ernest
1897Prowse, Norman Everitt
1900Pyne, Frank Herbert Wanderford
1913Rae, Robert Barbour
1906Ramsay, Alexander Meridith
1909Ramsay, Edward Baxter
1899Ramsay, Robet Lambert
1900Rathbun, Adrian Storm
1879Rathbun, Edward Walter
1903Rathburn, Hugo Burghart
1908Raymond, Albert Barnes
1902Reade, Thomas Harold Y
1876Redden, Frederick Adam Corrie
1895Reid, Alban Douglas
1904Reid, Archibald Cumberland
1905Reid, Eric Alastair
1891Reid, Frank Aspinall
1895Reid, Hector Gowans
1884Reid, John Young
1903Richardson, Colin Esdaile
1876Richarson, William Augustus
1900Richarson, William Augustus (Jr.)
1897Ridout, George Lawton
1889Ridout, Howard Edgar
1910Ritchie, Henry Scott
1902Ritchie, Peter Randolph August
1893Roaf, Herbert Eldon
1893Roaf, James Richardson
1915Roberts, Archibald Kelso
1909Roberts, Harold Albert
1909Roberts, John Hamilton
1892Robertson, Charles Arthur
1888Robertson, Douglas Sinclair
1897Robertson, Irvine Gale
1895Robertson, Irving Earle
1905Robertson, James Murray
1899Robertson, Lawrence Bruce
1905Robinson, John Beverley
1901Robinson, William Edgar
1907Rogers, George Clarence Y
1900Rogers, Joseph Bartlett
1901Rogers, Robert George
1889Ross, Donald Aynsley
1908Ross, Douglas Leith
1903Ross, James Wells
1898Ross, Kenneth George
1909Rossiter, Henry Preston (Staff)
1907Rough, Allan Cameron
1905Rowswell, Arthur Charles
1906Ryerson, Arthur Connaught
1891Ryerson, Edward Stanley
1902Ryerson, Eric Egerton
1898Ryerson, George Crowther Y
1900Ryerson, John Egerton Y
1885Rykert, Arthur Frederick
1910Saer, Eward Harold
1907Sanderson, Hector Max
1873Sanson, Robert David
1912Sauerbrei, Claude
1908Saunders, Dyce Chalmers
1907Saunders, Stewart Acers
1904Saunders, Thomas Berchant Y
1904Saunders, William Ewart Gladstone
1912Saurbrei, John Willoughby
1895Sayers, Beverley Draper
1898Scarth, Harry Crookshank
1908Scholfield, John Douglas Price Y
1907Schreiber, Wymouth Collingwood
1894Scott, Allan Lyall
1905Scott, Howard Elliott Y
1901Scott, Morris Alexander
1915Scott, Reginald Francis
1899Scott, Walter Hepburne
1909Senkler, Harold Richards
1875Shanly, Coote Nisbitt Y
1908Sharpe, George Peace
1898Sharpe, Gordon Pearce
1912Shea, George Nelson
1903Sheard, Joseph Louis
1903Sheard, Paul
1901Sheard, Robert Henry
1910Sheard, Terence
1901Sheppard, Edumnd Culver
1906Sheppard, Harold Saxton
1901Sherwood, Livius Percy
1889Shotbolt, Herbert Thomas
1912Shurly, Ernest Cosmos
1897Sills, John Ham
1905Sime, Adam Watson
1907Sime, Walter Francis Watson Y
1905Simpson, Ernest Alroy (Jr)Y
1901Simpson, Joseph Donaldson Y
1887Sims, Henry Bueth
1905Sinclair, Angus William Roe
1907Skaith, John Bright
1886Small, Arthur Atwall
1876Small, Philip Sidney
1904Smith, Eustace Maitland
1903Smith, Francis Jackson
1910Smith, Frank Homer
1902Smith, George Augustus
1898Smith, Harry Eden
1896Smith, Heber Rintoul
1899Smith, Hugh Fraser
1879Smith, Hugh Sanford
1900Smith, Jeffery FilderY
1892Smith, William Clegg
1907Smythe, Conn
1898Southam, Gordon HamiltonY
1902Spain, Granville Alario Richard
1892Sparling, Charles Ashbury Y
1908Sparrow, William Hutchinson
1900Spread, Eustace John William
1907Sproatt, Charles Beverley Lawrence
1902Stairs, Denis
1901Stairs, George WilliamY
1905Stairs, John Cuthbert Y
1903Stanyon, Charles Henry
1910Stanyon, Leonard Leslie
1900Stark, William McIntosh
1905Steacy, William Edward Y
1906Steven, Hugh MacGregor
1906Steven, Robert Allen
1888Stewart, Charles James TownshendY
1905Stewart, Joseph Francis
1898Stinson, John Argue
1898Stinson, Thomas HopeY
1913Stokes, Eric Armstrong
1888Storey, Duncan Stewart Y
1906Stover, Kenneth Spencer
1911Stratford, Arthur Hope
1899Strathy, Elliott Seton Grasett
1907Strathy, Ford Stuart Y
1896Strathy, George Stewart
1899Strathy, Hugh Seton
1896Strathy, John Henry Grasett
1889Street, Edmund Rochfort Y
1909Strickland, Donald D'Eyencourt
1906Strickland, Louis Fauquier
1909Stupart, Alan Victor
1908Stupart, Frederick Gustavus Y
1915Sutherland, Donald Macgregor
1906Suydam, James Coldham
1890Swinford, Arthur Sidney
1903Tanner, Charles Wilson Homer
1908Tarbox, Hugh Bogart
1903Taylor, Allan Ellsworth (Staff)
1918Taylor, Campbell McKenzie
1879Taylor, George Arthur Campbell
1905Taylor, Gordon Winslow
1903Taylor, James Mitchell
1917Taylor, Ross
1908Telfer, Allan Foster
1881Temple, Charles Algernon
1895Temple, Claude Castlemaine Y
1915Terry, Frank Harold (Staff)
1909Teskey, Luke
1884Thacker, Herbert Cyril
1887Thacker, Percival Edward
1903Thom, Gordon Ogilvie
1903Thom, James Balfour
1910Thompson, Alfred HamiltonY
1909Thompson, Andrew Rutheven
1885Thompson, Andrew Thorburn
1903Thompson, Cyril Monsarrat Y
1909Thompson, David Stinson
1886Thompson, Henry P. Y
1886Thomson, Bernard William St. Denis
1890Thomson, Burns Ker Weld Y
1912Thomson, Donald
1903Thomson, Joseph Rielle
1907Thomson, Wilfred Mulock
1913Tisdale, George William Y
1903Tod, James
1890Todd, John Launcelot
1917Todd, John Scott
1912Toy, Kenneth Grand
1907Toy, Martin Hedgerson
1892Treble, Charles Edward
1902Trees, Alexander George
1898Trees, Christopher Frank Y
1886Tremayne, Henry Ernest
1915Troop , George William Hill (Staff)
1906Tuck, William SinclairY
1911Tudhope, Andrew Haron
1906Tudhope, John Ellsworth
1899Tupper, Charles Stewart
1902Turnbull, Alan
1902Turnbull, Robert Hay
1911Turner, Grant Hawkins
1909Turquand, Aubrey De Vere Arnold Y
1910Tyrell, John Leckie
1898Tyrell, William Grant
1906Tyrwhitt, Raymond
1911Vacher, Herbert Walter S.
1902VanNostrand, Cornelius Innes
1900VanSittart, George Edward Y
1906Vernon, Arthur Arundel Harcourt
1879Vidal, Charles Emeric Kerr
1908Vokes, Arthur Lumley
1907Vokes, Carlyle Wainwright
1906Wadsworth, D'Arcy ReinY
1895Waldie, Charles Percival Y
1894Waldie, Walter Scott Y
1903Walker, Alfred Alexander
1912Walker, Bernard Watlington
1904Walker, Harold Coleman
1909Walker, Henry Valmond Y
1902Walker, Herbert Fraser
1905Walker, Norman Eden Y
1903Walker, Rosslyn Hugh
1912Wallace, James Scott
1884Wallbridge, Francis George
1909Walton, Arthur McBurney
1907Warren, Frederick Alden
1906Warren, Harold Dorman
1901Warren, Trumbull Y
1909Warwick, George Cecil Y
1916Watkins, Harold
1916Watkins, John Francis
1911Watkins, Loudon Pierce Y
1911Watlington, Henry Joseph Y
1892Watson, George Boyd
1879Watson, Harry James
1902Watson, James Graeme
1890Watson, William Ogilivie Y
1900Watt, George Lockhart
1907Watt, Hugh Norman Mack
1891Weir, Edmund George Harrison
1897Weir, John Y
1906Welch, James Stanley Lightfoot Y
1912Welinson, Edward Campbell
1910Welsh, Eugene Carey
1909Westwood, Harry Neville
1901White, Andrew Thomson
1912White, Randolph Wilbur
1914Whittemore, William Lawrence (Staff)
1886Wilby, Arthur William Roger
1887Wilkie, Arthur Benson
1886Wilkie, Charles Stuart
1912Wilkinson, Edgar Campbell
1910Wilkinson, Henry Bernard
1905Williams, Arthur John Langtry
1906Williams, Clare Hewson
1905Williams, Philip Edward Y
1902Williamson, Arthur Eden
1899Willison, Walter Abraham
1899Willison, William Taylor Y
1902Wilson, Charles Arthur Y
1910Wilson, Douglas Irving
1910Winslow, Kenelm Molson
1887Wood, Robert
1907Wood, Stuart Zachary Taylor
1904Woods, John Robinson Y
1904Worthington, Alan Niven
1899Wright, Adrian Marsh
1899Wright, Charles Seymour
1909Wright, Edward Nicol
1893Wright, Frederick Clarkson
1900Wright, Henry Pulteney
1900Wright, Palmer Howard
1905Wright, Victor Benson Y
1896Wright, Walter Walker
1904Wrong, Humphray Hume
1894Wylie, Henry McLaren
1897Young, David Douglas
1905Young, James Vernon